Featured Brand: Shy & Mighty, something for everyone and everything for someone

With a vision to use their profits in order to fund campaigning opportunities for those that are frequently shut out of decision making processes, organic cotton basics brand, Shy and Mighty is set off for a great future ahead.

Fashion brand owner Seema tries to be as sustainable as she possibly can, and buys mostly ethically and sustainably sourced items. This is what she told me about how she came up with Shy and Mighty : “I was struggling with finding ethical clothing, at a decent price, and designs that I actually wanted to wear – so I decided to venture out and create my own designs!”.

How did you come up with the idea of Shy and Mighty?

We all know fast fashion is terrible for the environment. The fashion industry is the second biggest polluter on the planet. However, I found that many ethical fashion brands, whilst making great products, were just not affordable. They were selling to a very specific demographic. We all need to do our bit for the environment and I believe most of us want to make a difference to save the planet, but many of us are being priced out. On top of that, sometimes people are made to feel bad about making environmentally dubious choices by people who are more easily able to make a positive choice. In all honesty a sustainably made t-shirt isn’t going to save the world but, it does it’s part, and our products will make you feel good in what you are wearing, as well as help you make a statement about how feel. 

What are the core values behind Shy and Mighty?

Equality of opportunity is the whole ethos behind Shy and Mighty. We want to offer ethical, sustainable products to as many people as possible and we want to use the profits to fund campaigning opportunities for those that are frequently shut out of decision making processes. It’s still early days but the plan is to run Shy and Mighty as a social enterprise. Providing funding, training and mentoring to communities and individuals that don’t often get the chance to make their voices heard.

Why should we buy organic clothes?

Where do I start? Firstly, it’s better for our planet – organically sourced material means less chemicals used on our beloved planet. Secondly, it’s better for the farmers. And thirdly, it’s better for us – again with those chemicals, if they can be harmful to the earth and the farmers, surely they are just as harmful to us?! Yes! These chemicals come in direct contact with your skin when you are wearing the clothing, exposing you to their harmful effects.
Then there are the major benefits for the environment and the fact that we don’t believe any animal should suffer to make clothes, so all our products are not just eco-friendly but animal friendly too!

What challenges you face with regards to the consumers and the demand?

We believe that there is a massive demand for organic and ethically sourced clothing and other items, but sometimes consumers (including myself even!) head for the cheapest and easiest option. First and foremost it’s about educating everyone about the major benefits of buying from Shy and Mighty. On top of that it’s about promoting our designs in quite a saturated market but we like to think we bring something different plus people can be sure that they are buying products that are not only ‘not doing any harm’ but will also be actively doing good through our social enterprise.

Where do you see Shy and Mighty in the future?

It’s early days yet, but I hope more and more people will choose to buy their clothes sustainably.
I hope I can highlight further the differences of my brand to others in the same market. So for example, my products can even be returned when they’re worn out and turned into something new and in doing so, our clients receive a £5 credit towards their next purchase.

Also, inclusivity matters for us, therefore, we believe you should wear the size and fit that you feel most comfortable in. So, at Shy and Mighty we don’t divide our products by gender. Instead we have loose fit and snug fit tees and jumpers. Something for everyone, and everything for someone!

You can find more about Shy and Mighty on their website: shyandmighty.co.uk

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